Wednesday, October 10, 2012

ulearn12 - Breakout 2 - SOLO Taxonomy: A mental model for learning to learn

Pam Hook

Carol DWeck research
children think they are 1 of 3 things... fixed ability smart OR lucky OR fixed ability not smart
one line of praise study
praise effort leads to students staying on task and attempting tasks - they are motivated to keep trying
mis-used praise becomes a dis-benefit... perils of praise

learning is about effort...  effort leads to achievement...  if you didn't achieve even if you tried hard then you need a new strategy...

surface understanding = knowing lots of 'stuff'
deep understanding = relating ideas
conceptual understanding = extending ideas

strategies for moving students from prestructural to unistructural - google define, photo library, email experts etc.

shift from unistructural to multistructural is purely quantitative, shift from knowing 1 thing to many things

shift from multistructural to relational, BIG jump is qualitative difference...  say why... because... explain...
making connections between ideas

relational to extended abstract, ability to look at all connected ideas from outside... overall understanding... see implications...

SOLO Taxonomy vs. Blooms Taxonomy

deep learning outcomes are only achieved if prior knowledge is determined

need learning intentions that encourage multistructural, relational and extended abstract thinking

code WALTs against SOLO - make explicit links

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