Thursday, October 11, 2012

ulearn12 - Breakout 4 - iPads in Education: Implementing for Success

Paul Mears

app alert - Artrage, Display Recorder, notability, writepad for iPad (handwriting recognition app), Creative Book Builder, Book Creator for iPad, Discovr apps

Victorian Govt iPads for Learning website

technical support minimal - self managed device

infrastructure is crucial - mobile devices rely on solid robust infrastructure

eSafety curriculum

printing? possible but no need... digitise!!

Handy hints
passcode lock - set at 5 minutes
lock image - when screen locks show photo of owner
accessibility settings - lock in app purchases!
international keyboard
screen protectors

iPads not meant to be/not designed to be shared or moved around from class to class, they are a domestic device, if you create something it only sits on that 1 device - risk is easy deletion e.g. kids make video, next group deletes it and it's gone!

home filtering -

administrative meetings done collaboratively on line so staff meetings are free for professional learning

Yammer - microblogging, like Twitter but inhouse (not on iPad, on laptop/PC), great for collaborating and sharing

Scootle - digistore for iPad

Kathy Schrock -

TCEA app evaluation rubric

eLocker - file sharing

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