Thursday, October 11, 2012

ulearn12 - Keynote 3 - Kevin Honeycutt

Very funny guy!!

relationships with students - ever tried treating the scariest student as the only kid you trust?  try it some time....

flipped classrooms - a million reasons for them - 1 excellent reason is they are rewindable - kids can rewatch/relearn as much as needed

nettiquette.... think about it.....

kids who have grown up with devices make 110 decisions per minute (not necessarily good decisions!!)

teaching and learning is messy.... is should be!!

knock down the walls and connect globally - skype authors, talk to classes all over the world...

don't give kids reasons to fail - kick their butts with love - no deficit theory

give kids a balanced digital diet - what are you doing with the most powerful tools in history?  Don't just snack - create and make

recommended book - The Coming Job War by Jim Clifton

invention - to have an ideas no-one agrees with.... when do kids get to be inventors?

kids need to "get" why stuff matters

we teach brains....

let kids get on with what they can do....

need to teach kids to manage devices rather than devices managing them

if you aren't willing to be bad at it, you will never be good at it

Good teachers plant the seeds of trees that they may never sit in the shade of

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